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PRESS RELEASE For immediate release 22 April 2011


Design student Josh Liandu’s INSONO creates a unique bridge between people on the move and unsigned music. Commenting on the connection between physical and musical exploration, INSONO explores the way they interact with each other.

“The inspiration that sparked this concept came from a combination of two different insights”, explains Josh. “The first coming from the revelation that technology is a chance to create a soundtrack to your lifestyle, and the second being the unfortunate fact that unsigned artists can’t get their music to the right people.”

Made from highly polished acrylic, INSONO has been designed to be an mp3 player that connects unsigned artists with people exploring different cities. GPS and track tagging is used to give the user 1st hand experience of the city’s musical culture. As the user travels around different areas of the city, music by local artists is played in the artists’ local areas.

To find out more information on a song currently playing, simply press the “Info” button. This sends a text message containing the name of the song and artist, and also where and when said artist is playing next. A link to the artists’ website is also provided, allowing the user to find out even more and share their positive experience with their friends.

Designed to create conversations, INSONO is a physical representation of a digital service; a proof of concept. Josh goes on to explain that, “an all-platform-application would be designed to coincide with a sign up service for unsigned artists in different cities.”

This simple, yet unique, interaction allows unsigned artists to gain exposure in a way that has never been possible before.

A context video and more images of INSONO can be found at


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Notes to editor:

Josh is a digital product designer who makes real working products for real people. He is a passionate, innovation and creative experience designer with a passion for integrated product design. Fusing his industrial design knowledge with his expertise in digital interactions, he is able to create well finished, highly coveted products. Having dedicated himself to pushing boundaries, he strives for excellence in every project he is involved in.

He is also part of unsigned band, Our Future Glory, who played a massive role in inspiring his final year project. Our Future Glory are a young, talented band with a powerful live sound. They promise an entertaining and exciting live show every time, with soaring anthems and high-energy dance rock coming together to create an unforgettable experience. Their debut demo, '[eye] heart', has sold over 700 copies.



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